Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gas Prices climb to 4 month high - Try GasBuddy.com to save money

Gas prices climb to 4 month high

The national average for regular gas is now $3.75 a gallon.  Up 15 cents from last week.

A month ago gas prices were $3.30.  The reason for the gas spike is several refinery's have been shutdown. 

Gas prices could top an all-time high of $4.11 by this summer if the increase continues.

Tallahassee Driving School recommends using GasBuddy.com which is a good website to find local gas prices in your city.  GasBuddy.com allows you to search by City, State or Zip Code.  Here are recent prices and locations for gas deals in Tallahassee, FL http://www.tallahasseegasprices.com/

Our instructor Ed Creel keeps close watch on this website so he always knows the best gas prices in Tallahassee since we offer driving lessons everyday and need to fill up our gas tank often.