Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Day Safety Tips

Memorial day weekend is approaching which starts on Friday, May 25, 2012 and ends on Monday, May 28, 2012.

Memorial day is one of the busiest travel weekends and many people will be traveling by car.  You should plan your trip carefully and follow some of these tips during your weekend.

Prepare your car for travel

Check all lights, tire pressure, jumper cables, glass cleaner and paper towels are recommended since the bugs are going to make your windshield very dirty.

Maps, GPS and Roadside Assistance Cards

Have your maps planned out by using Google Maps or Mapquest, have your GPS charged and enter the destination address before leaving and have your Roadside cards in the event you need help or have car trouble.

Drive Safety, Follow Speed limits and be ready for traffic congestion

Drive very carefully this weekend.  You will encounter 3 times the amount of drivers on the road this weekend and you must plan for extra travel time.  Follow the speed limits and do not speed or break the speed limits.  Traffic tickets are issued during holiday weekends and speeding leads to higher rates of accidents.  Be prepared to stop for traffic or possible accidents.  Be patient and enjoy your 2012 Memorial day weekend.

The American Safety Institute located in Tallahassee, Florida is a driver improvement school specializing in Florida Traffic School and also Tallahassee Driving School at

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

AAA Study: Passengers up risk of teen driver fatalities

New Study shows teen drivers at risk with others in car

AAA released a study on May 8, 2012 showing an alarming risk to teen drivers that have friends in the car with them.  Accidents increase by 44% when one passenger under age of 21 is a passenger in the car.

Accident rates double when 2 or more passengers under the age of 21 are passengers in the car.  This study was for 16 or 17 year old drivers.  The study shows that when a teen driver had one passenger 35 or older in the car accident rates drop by 62%.

You can read the entire Teen Driver Study at USA Today.

"The first year we recommend to our students and parents that our student drivers only drive alone or with a parent,"said John Bolen, President of A Treasure Coast Driving School who has taught over 15,000 teen driver lessons in Florida.  "Our student accident rates drastically are reduced if students and parents follow our teaching and recommendation to avoid driving with friends in the first year."

John Bolen authored the driving program "10 Basics" to mentally and physically prepare teen drivers for learning road skills and signs.  John owns and operates locations in Stuart, Florida and has recently opened a new office offering Driving Lessons in Tallahassee.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Driving Lessons for Teen Drivers

Teen Driver

If you have a teenager you will soon be faced with the decision to allow them to start driving.  This will be one of the biggest responsibilities they will be faced with in their lifetime.  You can monitor your teen since they live in your home but once they get on the road it is going to be their decisions that will bring them back home safely.

Parent Teenager Discussion 

You can teach your teen how to drive and we highly recommend parent interaction and discussion.  A parent should start be educating your teenager on the responsibilites of driving a car.  Explain to them the benefits of having independence and responsibility.  If they are responsible they should have time to spend with friends and use the car to and from work.  So, explaining the benefits of safe driving is the start to a positive conversation with your new teen drive.

Driver Training for Teenagers

How many hours should your teenager study drivers education?  First, keep in mind your teenager spends several years in school studying math, reading and other topics.  However, driver training is limited and not even required in the school system.  So, in many cases driver training hours = 0 and your teen is going to be driving everyday.  We do not know how much they will use mathmatics in their lifetime but we do know they will be driving almost everyday.  So, we have to try and find a way for your teen to learn how to drive and practice, practice and practice.  This is the only way to learn anything is to spend quality time doing it. 

President of American Safety Institute, which offers traffic school courses and driving lessons in Tallahassee, Florida at says
Most teen drivers study or practice under 10 hours in their entire lifetime.  For every 4 hours on the road teen drivers should spend 1 hour practicing and discussing driver techniques and lessons.