Friday, June 22, 2012

Tallahassee Driving School - 3 Point Turn Explained

Tallahassee Driving School Instructor teaches 3 Point Turn

Tallahassee Driving School has received many students asking questions about a proper 3 Point Turn.  Ed Creel our driving instructor offered a quick lesson on a proper 3 point turn.

The video was taken of a real student learning how to make a 3 point turn before he went to the DMV next month to take his Florida Road Test.  Tallahassee Driving School has provided several behind the wheel lessons to new drivers in Tallahasee.  If you need any driving lessons please always feel free to stop by our office or call 850-681-7233.

Practicing a 3 Point Turn should be done on a small street with little or no traffic or inside a big parking lot that has little traffic or big opening so you stay away from other cars.  Our lessons our conducted in a church parking lot which gives student drivers a chance to practice without being concerned about other cars or people.

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